Register your new cooling unit to get a 6-month guarantee extension

If you have bought a Rittal cooling unit within the past three months, register it in our system to extend the guarantee period for six months free of charge.
The guarantee will make you eligible for free repairs of your devices. Moreover, we will send you reminders about periodic inspections of your cooling units.

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Rittal support service


Why Rittal service instead a local service team?

Unlike a local service team, authorized Rittal Service ensures:

  • adequate qualifications and technical knowledge,
  • access to all spare parts,
  • guarantee repairs,
  • guarantee for repair work,
  • reaction within 24h if failure is critical,
  • comprehensive services, including servicing third-party devices,
  • worldwide service.
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Service team

Servicing provided by authorized service partners across Poland.

Each team has the applicable qualifications:

  • for work with electrical appliances (D G1, D G2, E G1, E G2),
  • for work with refrigerants (F-Gas),
  • for extracting gases to pressurized containers (Pressurised Container Filler certification required by the Office of Technical Inspection [UDT]).
Our service teams specialize in:
  • industrial refrigeration (service of refrigerators, generators, exchangers),
  • IT systems (hydraulic systems, installation, start-up),
  • uninterruptible power supply,
  • DET-AC server extinguishers,
  • CMC monitoring.

We have a service agreement with each service team which includes non-competition clause and guarantees basic reaction times and fixed service fees.

Our service teams undergo regular trainings provided by Rittal GmbH.

Our service teams have the authorization proven by applicable document. The authorization ensures top qualifications of the members of the service team and authorizes them to perform guarantee repairs.

Types of services

Malfunction diagnoses

Provided on-site or at the service team headquarters. Applicable to devices from Rittal and from other manufacturers.

Service is free for those customers who will send a defective device to the indicated service center.

Guarantee repairs

Free-of-charge repair of Rittal devices not older than two years from the date of manufacture. Works performed on-site.

Post-guarantee repairs

Paid services provided on-site or, upon the customer sending the device, in the service team headquarters.

Periodic inspections

Provided on-site or, upon the customer sending the device, at the service team headquarters. Applicable to devices from Rittal and from other manufacturers.

Installations and start-ups

Works performed on-site.

Sale of spare parts

Standard parts available on stock at Rittal Sp. z o.o.:
delivery within 24h.

Standard parts available on stock at Rittal GmbH:
delivery within 48h.

Servicing agreements

Inspections, reactions and repairs within time limits (up to 24h).

Standard reaction time (confirmation of receipt of request):

Standard time for the service team to arrive on site:
up to 3 days

Standard repair time:
depending on the customer’s requirements and availability of spare parts

Benefits from regular servicing of cooling units

Advantages of the service

  • Decreased likelihood of cooling unit failure
  • Reduction of the risk of production shutdown due to cooling failure
  • Extension of device life cycle
  • Maximized efficiency and minimized energy consumption
  • Raising the customer’s awareness of current device state
  • Peace of mind and predictability
Cost of periodic inspection of the cooling unit is not fixed:
  • Depending on the level of soiling of a cooling unit
  • Depending on the number of cooling units
  • Depending on customer’s location
Price for each request is estimated on a case-by-case basis based on the photos of the current state of the cooling unit or upon prior free on-site inspection.

The photos below show the comparison of how devices look before and after the cleaning.

Before cleaning
After cleaning
Before and after cleaning


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